How to buy a gymnastics licence

The license is valid 1.9.-31.8.

All gymnasts must buy the gymnastics license by themselves. Contact your coach or send email to, if you are not sure about which licence you should get.

Gymnasts attending STARA -events: Stara-lisenssi
Amateur series: Harrastelisenssi
8-10v., 10-12v., and other competitive series: Lisenssi B
Finnish Championships series: Lisenssi A

Move to Hoika -registration service by clicking the logo
  1. Login with your username in the Hoika registration service by clicking on the Hoika -logo 
  2. Select the "Buy Licenses" in the left-hand menu
  3. Select "Athlete" ("Urheilija")
  4. Please check your personal information and complete the necessary information. Once your data is correct, press "save"
  5. Select the right sport, for example, "JV Group gymnastics" ("JV joukkuevoimistelu")
  6. Select the right license. If you aren't sure what is the right license for you, ask your coach or contact us.
  7. Choose whether you want to purchase a license with or without insurance. If you do not take the insurance, you'll need to get it from somewhere else. Turun Riennon Voimistelu does not insurance the gymnasts.
  8. The last page is a summary. Check the information and make any changes as needed. When everything is ok, press accept. You can pay an invoice immediately after acceptance.

For more information on the licenses, please visit the Suomen Voimisteluliitto website at

Below is an illustrated guide for the purchase of a license (in Finnish):

If you have any problems regarding gymnastics licenses, please contact:

Turun Riennon Voimistelu ry
Uudenmaankatu 16, 20500 Turku
0400-262733 (arkisin 16-19:00)

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