Registration guide

Read the instructions carefully

Sign up for all children and adult hobby groups online at the Hoika registration service. You need an email address to sign up for. Registration is started by signing up for the Hoika registration service.

If you don't have an online connection or an email address, you can also sign up with a form, you can get it from your coach.

Signing up

When you sign up for the first time, start by signing up to our registration service. The service will ask for your contact details. After filling out and submitting the form, you will get your username and password to log in to the online registration service. The program also sends the information to your email.

If you have registered before, you do not need to re-sign up for registration, you can use the same registration IDs you used before to sign up for.

Signing up and registration of children

The parent can register multiple sub-users in the registration service for his / her own control. This is done under "New Sub-user Registration" (Uuden alikäyttäjän rekisteröinti) on the My Account (Omat tiedot) page.

A registration page will open, where you can fill the child's information. Write the parent's email address as the e-mail address for the child's registration. The Sportgroups' registration page has a drop-down menu for selecting the name of the childs group to be shosen. You can also register your child without any sub-license.

Enrollment to sports groups in Hoika

You can enroll in the sport groups, when you have registered to the service. When signing up for to Hoika -registration service, your user name is your own email address and password is the one sent to your email when you first time registered to Hoika.

After signing up, the program will advise you how to sign up. Please follow the instructions carefully so that registration is successful. Some sport or gymnastics groups have a limited number of participants. If the group is already full, you can register for the queue list. There is no one-time admission for adults.

If you decide to cancel your participation for any reason, please notify it immediately by e-mail or telephone to the TRV office to remove the created invoice from the system.

Turun Riennon Voimistelu does not accept registration through telephone calls. If you need help in enrollment to sport groups or registering, you can contact us at


Turun Riennon Voimistelu

Uudenmaankatu 16, 20500 Turku

0400-262733 (weekdays 4pm-7pm)